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  • 現在国:日本
  • 現在地:東京都
  • 出身国:日本
  • 出身地:東京都

You have a chance to choose your wood flooring, and you don't want to waste it with something ordinary. So why not give bamboo flooring a look? Bamboo flooring is a grass, not a wood, flooring. The speed with which bamboo grows means harvested bamboo is replaced far more quickly than harvested trees, that the production of bamboo flooring has no adverse effects on the environment. And bamboo offers you the choice of either a flat or vertical grain. Its single drawback is that it is most often available only light "honey" shade, or a darker amber shade achieved when it is pressure steamed and carbonization occurs. Carbonized bamboo flooring, however, is about 20% softer than natural bamboo flooring. Some manufacturers offer the option of factory-dyed or stained bamboo flooring as an alternative.