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  • 現在国:日本
  • 現在地:奈良県
  • 出身国:日本
  • 出身地:奈良県

1999年第16回現音作曲新人賞入選。2002年8th International Young Composers' Meeting (アペルドールン/オランダ)参加作曲家に選ばれ、奨学金を得て参加。同年6月より1年間日本財団APIフェローシップ・プログラムの助成を受けて、フィリピン、インドネシアで現地の作曲家の作品と民族音楽の関係に関しての調査、現地での作品発表などを行う。2010年10月より8か月間Asian Scholarship Foundationの助成を受けて、タイで同様の調査を行う。作品は、東京、大阪、ジャカルタ、マニラ、ヒューストン(米国)などで演奏されている。日本現代音楽協会会員。 Motohide Taguchi In 1999, he was selected as a successful competitor of the composers' Award of the Japan Society for Contemporary Music. In 2002, he was selected as a participant of 8th International Young Composers' Meeting (in Apeldoorn/ the Netherlands) with a special grant for the participants from countries outside EU. From June in the same year, as a grantee of the Nippon Foundation's API fellowship program, he conducted one year research on the relationship between contemporary compositions and traditional music in the Philippines and Indonesia and presented some of his compositions in these countries. From October 2010, as a grantee of the Asian Scholarship Foundation's Asia fellow program, he conducted 8 months research on same issue in Thailand. His works have been performed in Tokyo, Osaka, Jakarta, Manila, Huston (USA), and so on. He is an active member of the Japan Society for Contemporary Music.