We’ve achieved the target.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


As we promised, we are going to start remodeling Cafe Byron Bay from July! We are going to take the procedures one by one, so please look forward to it. :)

For July,
11th & 12th; Paining the exterior/ paint new signs

23rd & 24th: Painting the inside walls
7/23 & 7/24:内装塗装工事(お名前を描くリターンを選択してくれたみなさまのお名前を、2日間に分けて壁に描きます!)

Once again, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help and support, everyone.. to know that, we have so many people support us has been the best thing we've got from this crowd funding experience.
We will improve, and return the favor to all of you, so please look forward to the new Cafe Byron Bay!



 新装版・カフェ バイロンベイとあたしたちを、今後とも何卒、よろしくお願いします☆
 Noah & Cafe Byron Bayスタッフ一同