2020/02/18 15:47

Dear Backers, 

As you may also know, the Coronavisrus has swept across the whole country in China unpredictably. Cities, residential communities and areas being put on lockdown as the cities upgraded virus prevention and the shipping progress. 

Same to our factory in China. We have people working at home but will send people to the factories/office take turns on duty and take care of the urgent case. This kind of control/measures will be implemented over a 14-day period before it is lifted or continued depending on the development of the situation. Luckily we can see the situation is improving and we believe it will recover at the end of Feb. We hope we will be able to ship all of your rewards in Mar. if everything going well. 

For any urgent request, please don't hesitate to contact us via email to info@thingyfy.com. Apologies for the further delay and sincerely thanks for your support in this critical period. 

Last but not least, thanks for Japan's warm support to China in battle against virus outbreak. 

Best regards, 

Thingyfy Team