2020/05/02 22:32

Dear 2nd project patrons,

Some of you are 1st project patrons as well, sorry for this message being dupilicate...

This second crowdfunding project to save Kuri-chan had finished on 29 April. Unfortunately, we failed to achieve the aimed budgets in both projects, and despite the fact that there were some criticisms about our projects via my SNS, but the total amount of contributions that we received from you are simply wonderful gifts, and your supporting comments are so precious.

Here are some screenshots of the fund we have raised from the projects:

↑ 1st. project

↓ 2nd.project
Some of you may be surprised to see how expensive their adverts fee (supporting fee) in the 1st project.And in both projects, you can see that 12% commision charge and 5% transaction charge are deducted by CAMPFIRE,
but in total, we recieved about ¥ 2,760,000.

The fund is used to pay:
¥ 2,250,000 MUTIAN/medicine
¥ 400,000 the goods and shipping fee
and some other regular medical cost including
antibiotics every 2 wks
the regular tests (blood/ultrasonography test per 2 wks),
daily vet fee (conslutaion & injections 84 days)
and some other expenses
such as daily commute to the vet, a/d canned food.

Regret to say the raised fund are not quite enough to cover all these above. However we had some private donations through our bank and PayPal as well, and together with those, we are just managing to make it even.
The ways for private donation had been posted on my SNS soon after Kuri-chan got sick before these projects start. We sincerely arrpreciate those with private donations.

As you know, on 23 April, Kuri-chan completed his 84 days treatment programme with 83 daily MUTIAN injections. And without a further extension of the programme, he is now in the follow-up observation period.

Please see below YouTube link. Kuri-chan is active and plays like before he's gone sick:

Please subscribe my YouTube channel so that you can continue follow Kuri-chan's recovery progress:

Observation Period: DAY 05

Kuri-chan's observation period is currently set to 3 months. His scheduled tests are on after the 1st and 3rd month. His ulcers on his back are getting better everyday, but he still needs to take the antibiotic injection every two weeks for anti-suppuration so that his back don't get any worse.

About your goods:
We are delighted to announce that the numbers of goods in return have been finalised since the end of 2nd project, and the corresponding goods for both projects are now in orders.

We were hoping to ship the items by the end of May, but with the current rage of CODIV-19 virus in our human world, some of the production are slower than the others, and it may take longer beyond the end of May. We will then start packing and shipping, so you will get your goods sometime in June as originally planned. Thank you for being patient.

For those who kindly declined to receive the goods but having a second thoughts of getting one, we can arrange the delivering the time as your selection so please let us know by the end of May. We certainly love to see more people use Kuri-chan's goods in your everyday life!

It is still too early to judge whether Kuri-chan is in his remission state or not. He can well relapsed again, we never know... But as I mentioned, Kuri-chan condition is stable with the help from everyone. And the other way to return your favours is that I am willing to help any cat's owners who struggle with FIP. Please DM me via SNS, and I am more than happy to answer about our experiences including the medicine purchasing route, medical cost, a warranty, prescription management, and/or about the crowdfunding experience on CAMPFIRE.

Because of the nature of FIP disease and Kuri-chan's medication being so expensive, I was way too close to sacrifice my son's university scholarship fee, so definitely without your help, I wouldn't have today. We wouldn't have managed to come this far.

We are incredibly grateful for your supports and contributions in these two projects.
Thank you again from both of us and we wish you a happy and healthy life.


Kuri-chan's mam & Oni-chan (my son)