2020/04/04 23:57

I had some troubles and errors sending messages twice in row, sorry for the inconvenience.  I will post here what I had intended to send to you.

Post published 2020/04/03 23:31

Dear patrons,

Thank you all for your supports and contributions towards Kuri-chan’s MUTIAN medication for my first project on CAMPFIRE.

As I have mentioned before, I had a lot of concerns from you that whether the first project can be extended or re-challenged due to the fund ending in short. I have asked CAMPFIRE management team and was told that the extension of project is not possible, but I was allowed to resubmit a new project for the shortage amount and joyfully it passed their judgement.

Here is the URL for the 2nd project to cover the shortage amount in Kuri-chan's medication. As you may all know, Kuri-chan is an adult and the FIP treatment costs double amount to of a kitten. I would appreciate it, if you could share about this 2nd project to who may be able to help us, please:


I have already started to share and tweet on SNS, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

#FIP #MUTIAN #campfirejp #猫伝染性腹膜炎 #猫コロナ #猫

#ねこ #猫好き #茶トラ猫男子部 #一日薬代約27000円 #84日間激痛注射

The fund we have managed to raise in the first project is now scheduled to be transferred to our bank account at the end of April. Unfortunately, it will be less than what raised because the commission fee by the CAMPFIRE management.

The 2nd project budget is set by taking account of some following facts:

- from the 1st project: the number of patrons was more than our expectations that the production/shipping cost of returning goods is exceeded our estimates thus more funding is needed

- no professional advertising this time. It costed too much. We would like to ask and rely on the previous 679 patrons and new patrons' ability to share about the 2nd project.

The 2nd project will end at the end of April. Being truly honest, I wanted to set the deadline to be after GW (beginning of May), but unfortunately the payment day of all the medication won't wait....

I have already asked so much of a favour from you, I promise that I will not start the 3rd project.

Lastly, about Kuri-chan. He continues to battle with those painful injections everyday and he is doing very well in terms of his weight, blood test result etc.

Please check our 2nd project, I will keep update the post about us.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Love from Maiko Kyougoku