2020/04/12 13:32

My thought are with those who have restrictions on work or school and are forced to live extraordinary life… everyone who has been affected by the new coronavirus.

Thank you for visiting our project page.

The new coronavirus become a global issue, and we are anxious about uncertain future.

We, accommodation owners, each have problems.

While getting many phone calls or E-mails which tell us the cancels of their visitings, we strongly feel that we have to get over the situation “TODAY”.

This project is one of the solutions for us, all japan accommodation owners.

We named it “Accommodation Ticket for Your Future”.

Our guests are not losing interests to travel, but they just cannot travel because of the safety concerns about corona now.

We believe that they may start their journey again ones things blow over.

As such, we offer “Accommodation Ticket for Your Future” in return for our crowdfunding.

▼What is “Accommodation Ticket for Your Future” ?

・Available for 3 months in future

→ This is a limited premium ticket for September 1st, 2020 ~ November 30th, 2020.

※There's a possibility that schedule may be modified depending on the situation.

※Tickets cannot be used during the period specified by guest houses like Olympic period(For more details, please refer to the link below).


・As a gift

→You can send it for your friend. It is available to transfer the ticket to who you want to give it.

・Receiving as e-Ticket

→We send the ticket to e-mail address you resister.

・Can be used anywhere in Japan

→It is available at accommodations in all Japan which form partnerships.

Partnered accommodations will be updated on this Crowdfunding page. 

Please check it out.

We would be so pleased if you shared this project to your friend.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram…etc are all very welcomed.

If you love to go on your journey ones it is ready, please support the project, and enjoy your trip in the future!