2020/11/12 14:00

Urgent!  Request for donation and share to help combat the deadly COVID-19!

Crowdfunding Good Morning

Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (JHDDP)


(JHDDP is Japan’s First Assistance Dogs Organization which has passed ADI International Accreditation Test. Crowdfunding is a system for collecting funds and other support from the general public via the Internet.)

Please Donate Us. For follow up 18 partners with their Assistance dogs and raising 36 dogs in our facility.  By President Moto ARIMA  PhD Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The funds coming into the organization have decreased dramatically.

We wish we will weather the corona crisis and bring hearing and service dogs across the country!

We appreciate your support and sharing on SNS.

We want to raise those 36 doggies….

NO lecture reward!

NO street fundraising!

Decrease source of income but the raising cost is pressing.

                Hearing Dogs provide life-changing services and companionship to deaf and hearing-impaired people that they need in their daily lives, and service dogs assist the  disabled in their daily lives. Over the past 23 years, 98% of the cost of raising hearing  and service dogs has been supported by donations and fundraising from the public.    However, the spread of the Covid-19 has cut off the funds from lecture fees and street  fundraising, therefore, the raising of hearing and service dogs has become increasingly difficult.

               As we are a Social Welfare Corporation, since we operate through donations, fundraising, and grants, the expected government funding ("sustainable benefits") are  not covered.

        We were happy to receive applications from nine "hearing dog" and "service dog" applicants for fiscal year 2020, but even that training has been stalled by Corona's        self-restraint.

            There are 20 candidate dogs. We need to keep about 36 dogs happy, including retired dogs, old dogs and career changes. However, it is difficult to raise a hearing and service dog in this situation.

          We would like to ask for your kind support so that we can continue this project of make no charge to the deaf person receiving the dog and service also providing free aftercare throughout the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, can continue in the future.

How you can support hearing and service dogs

■How to pay for your donation;

(1) Credit cards (prepaid and debit cards are not supported)

(2) Convenience store payment

(3) Bank transfer

(4) (Pay-easy payment) au Simple Payment

(5) Softbank Combined Payment

(6) Y! Mobile Combined Payment

(7) DoCoMo Keitai Payment

are available.

We seek support from you, individuals, groups and organizations to help train and place these wonderful, hearing and serving wet noses and for users!

By 11:50 p.m., Friday, January 22, 2021

Target amount: 7.5 million yen

For more information, please use this QR code or search below;

Good Morning Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Need help?  Please contact:

Organization Designated by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Social Welfare Corporation

Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (JHDDP)

Or fax: +8-265-85-5088

Or e-mail inf@hearingdog.or.jp