2022/11/17 19:29

Many of you have asked us how to do the donations for our CAMPFIRE crowdfunding, so we have decided to do a small guide with pictures so that it can be easier for you ;)

Thank you very much, and a big hug!

1. After going to our CAMPFIRE crowdfunding page, click the red button.

2.  To donate, first you have to suscribe. Click the green button.

3. We are going to suscribe using an email address. Click the white and red button.

4. Write your email address in the upper box and then click the green button.

5. Depending on using Gmail or Yahoo, click one or the other where your email address belongs to and it will direct you to your email inbox.

6. You will receive a CAMPFIRE email like the one on the image. Click the green button.

7. Chose user name, password and repeat the same password.

8. Check the box of the amount you wish to donate.

9. Chose your payment method.

10. Specify your gender and birthdate.11. If as a payment mode you chose payment in convenience store (コンビニ), you have to write your name in Western alphabet and Japanese (katakana), and your phone number. It’s not necessary in the rest of payment methods. We recommend the other payment methods as it’s less bothersome. If you have problems with the katakana writing, you can try to write your name in Google Translator and translate it from English to Japanese.

12. In the next step, click the green button. If you pay by convenience store, a fee will be paid, reflected in the amount to pay (in this example,  instead of 3000 it is 3250 due to that fee). Coming up, another screen will show, click the green button, and your donation will be ready!