2020/04/14 18:35
Good news
The screening in the oldest film festival in U.S!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while to post news about my film. Since last September, the film has entered several festivals during the time I stopped posting that kind of announcement for a while. However, I will start posting the information one after another as of now.

I am delighted to address that my short film ‘Goodbye my son’ has entered the official selection of the oldest film festival in the U.S, the 68th Columbus International Film and Animation Festival in Columbus, Oh, USA, which will be held between 4/15 and 4/19. All my gratitude is dedicated to the film crews and supporters as well as film festival staff.

The screening date is fell on April 18th at 8pm (EST). Originally, It was going to be live screening, but the part of the ones were changed to online screening under the pandemic predicament due to covid-19. 

Please participate in it if you are able to access the remarkable virtual film festival!



自分の映画に関して投稿するのはしばらくぶりです。去年の9月以降しばらくこの映画の投稿を控えてましたが、その間、拙作「Goodbye my son」はいくつかの映画祭に公式出品されました。これからまた少しずつ情報発信していければと思います。

拙作「Goodbye my son」が米国のオハイオ州コロンバス市にて4/15-19にかけて催される全米最古の映画祭、第68回コロンバス映画祭に光栄にも公式出品されました。毎度ながら映画クルーとサポーターと映画祭スタッフに感謝の意を表します。上映は4月18日の米国東部標準時感午後8時です。上映は本来ライブ上映でしたがcovid19によるパンデミックの苦境化を鑑み一部オンライン上映になりました。この素晴らしいバーチャル映画祭に参加可能な方はせひともご参加ください。