Hello and thank you very much for visiting the web page of this project. I am a composer of contemporary music, Motohide Taguchi.


 In 2002, I stayed in the Philippines for the first time to conduct a research on Filipino contemporary and indigenous music. (The above photo was taken in that research.)While traveling around the Philippines, sometimes local informants talked about their memories on the period during the World War II. Since then, I have thought about the possibility to make a work on the memories related to the War with Filipinos and to perform it in the Philippines.

 幸運なことに、この願いを具体化した企画が、フィリピンの南部ダバオ市を拠点とするThe Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippinesの2016年のアーティスト・イン・レジデンス企画の一つとして採用され、実現できることとなりました。

 Fortunately, the project proposal based on this idea was accepted as an artist in residence program in 2016 of The Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines, and this makes me possible to realize the project plan.


 Besides, the kind help of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai (a group of Japanese-Filipinos) International School to this project makes me possible to have workshops with students (about 10-15 students) in making a musical piece and to have the opportunity to perform the piece with them.

▲フィリピン日系人会インターナショナルスクールのカリナン校地内のフィリピンー日本歴史資料館 (Philippine-Japan Museum in the school site of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School in Calinan) 


 To make this concert (planned to have on December 6) and a presentation in Davao more fruitful, could you please help this project?

(For example, the funds will be used for realizing enough rental fee for some instruments and equipment for the concert, for enrichment of the contents of presentation, and so on.)



The brief description of the whole project


 From November 9 to December 8, 2016, I plan to conduct a project as follows in Davao of the southern Philippines.




▲フィリピン日系人会インターナショナルスクールの敷地内にある日比友好記念碑(クブライ・ミラン制作) (Philippine-Japan Friendship monument placed in the site of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School/Sculptor: Kublai Millan)

 With the kind support of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai (a group of Japanese-Filipinos) International School in Davao, I plan to have workshops with their students (10-15 students) to make an experimental music piece on the theme of the memories of the time of the World War II and to have a performance (planned to be held on 6 December).

 Before that, I plan to have interviews with local old people who experienced the War and visit to historical sites and museums related to the War and Japanese society in the city.

 Besides, by using the video recording of the performance, a presentation in the city is also planned to share the work.


  The work will be in the form of a ritualistic performance. Although I plan to use some instruments owned by the school, those I plan to rent from local musicians, and those I plan to bring, even the people without musical training can easily join to play the work.


 For reference, here I put the video recording of my former work in the form of a ritualistic performance.

 ▲「雨を待つ心」 12人のパフォーマーの為のヴァージョン 2003年ジャカルタ芸術大学にて 演奏:同校学生("The mind that waiting for the rain", version for 12 performers  Performed in 2003 at Jakarta Art Institute by the students)



Background and what I want to achieve in this project



 More than 70 years has passed since the end of the War and now the memories of the War have faced in the process of being lost.

 How can I ask local Filipino old people to talk their memories of the War to me? / How can I discuss about the memories with the local children? / How can I make the piece on the theme of the war time memories and perform with the local children and how can I make local audience listen the piece and think about the War?

 These are my motivations to make this project.

 ▲ダバオ市ミンタルの日本人墓地にあるダバオ入植者の慰霊塔 (A cenotaph for Japanese migrants died in Davao: Davao City, Mintal)


 These are also what I want to achieve by this project. Through making and performing the musical piece and the presentations on them, I want to make local people (and I) re-think about the War and discuss about it to each other.



 Because Davao was a city where there was once the biggest Japanese community in Southeast Asia, I think the city is suitable place to conduct this kind of project.

 I also plan to have presentations in Japan to share what I think in conducting the project and the communication with local Filipino people.


▼ The Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippinesと、フィリピン日系人会インターナショナルスクールについて

 About“The Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines”and "Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School"

 The Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippinesは、アーティストの自主運営によるアートスペース・組織であるThe Unifedfeldによるフィリピンでのアーティスト・イン・レジデンスのプロジェクトで、2013年よりフィリピン各地で海外の芸術家のプロジェクトの受け入れを行っています。

 The Unifedfeld Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines is an artist in residence program run by an artist-run space/organization “the Unifiedfield" and since 2013, the program has hosted the projects by foreign artists in various places in the Philippines.



 ▲フィリピン日系人会インターナショナルスクールの校舎(ダバオ市ラナン) (A school building of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School: Davao City, Lanang)

The Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School is run by “The Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai", a group of Japanese Filipino whose ancestors are Japanese migrants who came to Davao before the War. The school has classes of kindergarten, elementary and high school with integration of Japanese language and culture.

 They kindly give wholehearted support to this project by hosting workshops and so on.


 ▼ 資金の使い道

    The plan of using the funds







 Donated funds are planned to be used mainly for the following purposes.

Production costs of the concert

Production costs of the presentation

Costs for documentation

Costs for the dissemination of the project



  The Unifedfeldのスタッフの準備に関する様々な努力、フィリピン日系人会インターナショナルスクールのご協力等、多くの方々のご協力のおかげで、現在現地での聞き取りや、史跡・資料館等への訪問等を始めています。





▲ ダバオ市内の風景 (A scene in Davao city)

 With kind supports of many people such as the staffs of the Unifedfeld for the preparation and wholehearted help of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School, I have already started to have interviews and visit to historical sites and museums in the city.

 Prepared budget is very limited, but I intend to accomplish the concert and the presentation somehow.  

 With your kind help to the project, it is possible to make the contents of the concert and presentation fruitful.

 For those who approve the aim and meaning of the project, I would like to ask your kind support to the project.  

 Thank you very much and Maraming Salamat po!

Motohide Taguchi