Democratizing financing with
 a view to giving a voice 
to anyone anywhere around 
the world.

A reward-based crowdfunding
that facilitates 
financing to small and upcoming businesses.

Since the service launch in 2011, more than  83,000 projects  have launched, with more than 
10 million backers to help create the total raised funds of  79 billion yen.
We will continue to pursue the essence of crowdfunding and continue to grow as Japan's
largest crowdfunding platform.

  • Product

  • Technology

  • Fashion

  • Game Service

  • Anime

  • Over  83,000  projects

  • Over  10 million  backers

  • Over  79 billion  yen raised

Support from us

Dependable support that includes introduction to local partners for a seamless Japanese market experience.

  • Test marketing in Japan.

    Test marketing in

  • An assured way to connect with retailers in Japan

    An assured way to connect with
    retailers in Japan.

  • An avenue to assess the viability of your company.

    An avenue to assess the
    viability of your company.

  • An opportunity to run a pre-sales round before hitting retail.

    An opportunity to run a pre-sales round
    before hitting retail.

  • Helping you manage Ads

    Helping you manage Ads
    (Facebook, Instagram)

    at a fee

More information provided upon inquiry

Our Work

Experienced CAMPFIRE staff will support your project.
Come and formulate your ideas on a platform that cares.


Answering common questions or concerns from the community.

  • How do I start a project?

    Please feel free to consult us before starting!

  • What are the fees?

    The commission fee for CAMPFIRE is 17% (service fee 12%, 3rd party transaction fee 5%).

  • Are there any restrictions on who can start a project?

    Overseas project owners are currently limited to corporations.

  • What is the maximum project period?

    Maximum project duration is 80 days

  • Are there other incurred fees?

    We will be receiving commission fees and other additional support fees whenever requested.

  • When will you disburse the funds?

    The funds will be transfered at the end of the following month after your project ends. If you use an early transfer, you can receive money more quickly. *additional fee required
    eg) Project ends on 27th November, funds will be remitted end of December.

  • I have a concept but the contents are incomplete.

    Please feel free to consult at any point in your project!

  • How long is the review process?

    Screening of your project takes 1-3 days.
    This is not to review the authenticity, legality, immediacy, etc. of the contents of the project content, but to make sure the project has satisfied the guidelines of CAMPFIRE.

  • Can I run a campaign if my company is unregistered in Japan?

    You can! If you have a base overseas, please feel free to contact us.

  • Can I post even if I have already done crowdfunding overseas?

    Of course. Please share past cases when you consult.

  • Will you remit funds to an overseas bank?

    We accept overseas remittances, but for us to prepare a smooth transaction please consult us before starting your project.

  • Is there any support after crowdfunding?

    We will be able to introduce you to our local and overseas partners. Please consult us freely.

  • Do you have language support?

    We provide language support for project content creation and customer support.

  • How long will it take to launch the project?

    Project Page creation usually takes 2-3 weeks. Other additional preparation is to be expected.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Easyship
  • vinyl

Would you like to expand crowdfunding market with us?

Terms of Use for CAMPFIRE Partnership Program

For warm and splendid crowdfunding experience, feel free to consult us!


17% Commission Fee

CAMPFIRE charges 17% for commission fee from the funds raised on our platform. This includes the transaction fee required to cover 3rd party payment processing.