We aim to help the victims of military terrorists in Myanmar by providing medical supplies and household utensils including clothings and food.
In order to assist the victims of the Myanmar military terrorism, to provide the household goods such as medical supplies and clothing and food Is aimed at.

Social issues you want to solve

Many people in Myanmar have lost their jobs and houses due to the military junta in Myanmar. More than 2000 people are detained and more than 700 people have been killed during the uprising in Myanmar. In border areas, many houses were burnt down and many people Military junta also abducted doctors and based at hospitals, thereby people could not get proper medical treatments. Therefore we would like to provide people. of Myanmar with food, household utensils and medical supplies.
In Myanmar, many people have lost their jobs and homes due to the influence of the military government. More than 2000 people have been detained and more than 700 have died in the Myanmar riots. In the border areas, many homes were burned down and many had to flee. The junta is repeatedly shooting, killing, and detaining, destroying people's lives and property. Also, the military government abducted doctors and was based in hospitals, which prevented people from receiving appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, we want to provide food, household goods and medical supplies to the people of Myanmar.

What you want to achieve in this project

To provide people of Myanmar with food and medical supply so that they do not go hangry and untreated. To provide food and medical supplies to prevent
people in Myanmar from starving or not being treated.

How to use the funds

Food supplies approx. --200000 yen

Medical supplies approx. --150000 yen

Shipping cost approx. --50000 yen

Labor cost approx. --50000 yen

Commission approx. --50000 yen

Grocery about 200,000 yen

Medical products about 150,000 yen

Shipping fee about 50,000 yen

Personnel costs Approximately 50,000 yen

Fee Approximately 50,000 yen

Implementation schedule

Early April --Opening of HP

Until May --Collecting donations

Early June --Buying supplies and shipping

Early April-HP opened

Until May-Collecting Donations

Early June-Purchase and shipment of supplies







現地のボランティアグループは、「NwayOo Supporters」と「Helping Hands for Internally Displaced Victims」で構成されています。彼らは、国境地域や、ミャンマーの武装勢力の攻撃によって国内避難民となった人々に、医薬品や食料品を配布する活動を行っています。また、仮設住宅を建設して避難所を確保することも支援しています。




People of Myanmar deeply appreciate your kind help and support.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation and support.

At the end

Please help us and save Myanmar

Please save us and Myanmar.

Team / group / self-introduction / activity results, etc.

This is an activity organized by students in Mie University who want to support Myanmar for human rights and freedom. We have done such humanitarian aids similar to such situation when sever disasters hit Myanmar to help the people.

This is an activity organized by Mie University students to support human rights and freedoms in Myanmar.  We have provided similar humanitarian assistance to help people in the event of a major disaster in Myanmar.

I am a doctor of medicine studying abroad in Japan from Myanmar. In my life, I have volunteered where I need it.

When I was a medical college student, I participated in several volunteer programs to improve the health of people in rural areas. These activities include health education, school health promotion, public health awareness, hygiene and basic health care.

During the internship period in Myanmar, when the cyclone "Nargis" hit Myanmar, we volunteered for the victims, joined a mobile medical team that provides emergency medical care in the delta area, and dressed the victims of Nargis. And donated food and formed an emergency rescue team with other healthcare professionals to help people. In recognition of these achievements, I was awarded the Honorary Certificate of Humanitarian Aid by the Ministry of Health of Myanmar.

After graduating, I volunteered as an emergency medical staff at a hospital for monks and nuns in Yangon, Myanmar.

 In 2015, when Myanmar was hit by a flood in the delta, I raised public funds and organized a group of students in Thailand calling for Myanmar's support. At that time, I was able to raise a fund of about 100,000 yen in a week.

Yes, there are other people involved in this project. This project is part of a student organization at Mie University organized to support the people of Myanmar. I represent an organization called "We Support Myanmar". The other members are Vice Chairman Zaya Lin (a Burmese student studying at Mie University) and Japanese Yukimura (undergraduate student and secretary of the student organization). Our student body is officially licensed by Mie University and is supervised by a professor at Mie University.