不登校、ひきこもり、心身の障害、難病、外国のルーツ、多様な性... 多数派とは違うストーリーを持つ若者20人のリアルな声を10人以上のアーティストたちの力で形にしました!誰かと違っていても自分らしい生き方が描ける地域になることを願って!!Unique Youths Design exhibition


  [3 visions which I want to realize]

1.The youth can realize the value of their stories

2. The artists discover new forms of expression resulting from the youth’s realizations

3. The wide variety of visitors discover empathy with those living unique lifestyles. The culture of acceptance and shared atmosphere will develop and grow.

[Why did I decide to hold a design exhibition? (Explanation of vision)]
① I want young people who are models to find value in their own stories.

According to a Cabinet Office survey conducted in 2015, 540,000 (1.57%) young people were in the state of hikikomori.
"Neat" (unemployed aged 15-34) was 710,000 (2.1%) in 2018
49,000 high school students who refused to attend school in 2017 (1.51%)
At Connect Spot, I met "diverse young people" who lived differently from other people, and I felt the potential of the worldview and sensitivity of each of their stories.

Look at the work born from the collaboration with the artist,
"I like your way of life."

I want unique young people to think like this. Being able to express one's personality openly and recognizing each other's diversity. I am convinced that these are the keys to thinking about future community development.


②We want to create a culture that empathizes and supports diverse ways of living in this area.
(We want more people to touch the stories of young people.)



I have participated in projects such as school refusal, withdrawal and welfare,that are often only attended by
the family, supporter or stakeholder.I felt the challenge that generally the general public are not interested in such events.

This time, by collaborating with a professional artist with the intent of reaching people with no previous
. I wanted to try new possibilities by collaborating with NPOs and individuals who are different from those in the welfare field.


③ The producing artist finds the possibility of  a new form of expression activity.
(I want artists to feel the value of doing art (self-expression) activities for someone.)

売るためのアート」でも「自分のためのアート」でもなく、 「誰かの自己表現を引き出すためのアート」を大切にすることで、 アーティスト自身が仕事や活動の幅や可能性を広げるきっかけにしたいと考えています。 当日は多彩なアーティストたちの、誰かの自己実現を引き出すための想いや表現を感じられる場が生まれると思います。

By cherishing "art for drawing out someone's self-expression" rather than "art for sale" or "art for myself", the artists themselves have been able to expand the range and possibilities of their work and activities.  On that day, I think that there will be a place where you can feel the thoughts and expressions of various artists helping to give rise to somebody's self-realization.

[Participating artists for the design exhibition]

Shingo Narukawa (Illustrater and Picutre book writer)



  [What kind of event? ]


"Diverse youth" and "professional artists" who applied for the project,
We will collaborate and create works and hold exhibitions with them.


The sponsoring NPO, Connect Spot, prepares and operates the design exhibition.  For details, go to the web page. ↓ 

【主催者 挨拶】
  [Speech from the organizer]



Hello, I am Yuji Yamashita, the representative of the NPO Connect Spot.

After six years at a psychiatric hospital as an occupational therapist, "As a profession, we want to create a community where everyone can live openly." Currently, I have been working with my colleagues in Okazaki, where I was born and raised.

  [What is NPO Connect Spot? ]


"Realizing a community where everyone can live together being who they are"
"Realizing 100 ways of living and living 100 people living"
As the part of the vision, medical and welfare specialists in their 20s and 30s were started on their carreer.

②障害福祉サービス 自立訓練(生活訓練)事業

Main business
①Consulting business for hikikomori and their families
②Disability welfare service (life training business)
③ Community development plan
Have been actively implemented.


[Past activities]
① Consultation for hikikomori and school refusers (I have had consultations with more than 100 persons and families so far.)


"I can't go to school" "I can't find a job" "I don't have a place" "I don't know what to do in the future"
While listening to such voices, we share the hope and goal of discovery "What do you really want to do?"
We are involved in making places, making friends, finding jobs, and consulting family members.

② Operation of the Community Life Support Center (opened in September 2019)
With the designation of the Disability Welfare Division of Okazaki City, we provide “visit support” and “place support”.

平日9時〜17時 スタッフ6人で運営しています。

As a bridge for people with withdrawal or disabilities to connect with local places and people, From there, it functions as a relay point for social participation such as work and volunteering. Users decide the time and place according to their goals.
9: 00-17: 00 on weekdays @ It is operated by 6 staff members.

③ Holding an interactive salon (held 5 times since July 2019)


Invited people with mental and physical disabilities, those who have never attended school, those who have withdrawn from the country, foreign nationals, etc. while considering the question,
"How do you make an area where everyone can live?" 
We are thinking together, regardless of position or title.

  [Use of funds] 

・出展する作品の制作費用 20万
・作品集のデザインや印刷費用 12万
・クラウドファンディング手数料(14%) 7万

・ Venue setup expenses (panel and easel rental expenses, decoration expenses, etc.): ¥ 100,000
・ Production cost for exhibited works: ¥ 200,000
・ Work collection design and printing costs: ¥ 120,000
・ Miscellaneous expenses (delivery fee, transfer fee, etc.): ¥ 10,000
・ Crowd funding fee (14%): ¥ 70,000

  [About return]

3000円➡︎ デザイン展開催記念写真付き感謝メール
5000円➡︎ デザイン展開催記念写真付き感謝メール+展示作品集を提供
10000円➡︎ [企業・団体様向け]
30000円➡︎ 主催者があなたの街でデザイン展を開催するお手伝い

3,000 yen ➡ Design exhibition holding commemorative email with appreciation photo

5,000 yen ➡ Design exhibition holding commemorative email with appreciation photo
                        + exhibition works collection

10,000 yen ➡ [for persons, companies and organizations]
                          Provide a thank you email with a photo commemorating the design exhibition
                         + exhibition works collection
                         + Post your name on the web page or on the day of the event.

30,000 yen ➡︎ Help the organizer hold a design exhibition in your city

[Implementation schedule]

〜2019年12月 モデルとなる若者やアーティストの募集
2020年1月〜2月 モデルとなる若者へのインタビューおよびアーティストへの制作依頼
3月1〜6日 出展作品の展示方法など当日準備
3月7〜8日 "作品展当日"
3月8〜末日 作品集のデザイン
4月 作品集の印刷・発送

~ December 2019 Recruitment of young people and artists to be models
January-February 2020 Interview with the young models and make request for participating in the production
March 1-6 Preparation for the day, including how to display the exhibited works
March 7-8     "The day of the exhibition"
From March 8 to the last day Design of work collection
April Printing and shipping of work collection

  [What I want to convey to those who have read this article]


To realize an area where people can find value in diverse ways of living, I want to engage more people in the realization of this project!
Thank you for your support!

This project will be implemented in an all-in manner. Even if the target amount is not reached, we will still execute the plan and provide a return.


Contact us here with any problems  and questions about coverage of this project

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