My name is Michael Verweyst. I originally came to Japan back in 1988, and immediately fell in love with the country. I knew that I wanted to stay here for as long as possible. I have tried to bring some American culture to Japan by opening a Craft Beer & American cuisine restaurant in the heart of Roppongi, in July of 2013, called Two Dogs Taproom.

We at Two Dogs Taproom in Roppongi, would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our Crowdfunding event site. We all have been affected by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. However, we're confident that things will soon begin returning to normal, so we are looking forward with optimism and smiles.



Two Dogs Taproom has been open for almost 7 years now. We have built our brand by doing the restaurant basics: hygiene & cleanliness, good friendly service, quality food (& portions) at a reasonable price, and a friendly inviting atmosphere. However, just like many other restaurants, we are now being severely affected by the Covid-19.

We have had a few things working against us. The airports were closed and our foreign clientele could not return to Japan. So in one of the busiest seasons for us (March and April), our sales were down by 95% compared to the previous year. Unfortunately our Landlord is not in a position to offer us any rent discounts.




After a significant Covid-19 break, we are now excited to be in the process of getting the restaurant business back to where it was before the Pandemic. We’ve kept our staff on and taken care of them, and so are able to jump right back into the fire with awesome large Pizzas and Cold Beers for our customers.




24 American and Japanese craft beers on draft
We would love to be able to serve our awesome craft beers from the world along with what we believe is one of Tokyo’s best Pizzas. You be the judge!



A stone oven directly imported from the United States. The American pizza with a focus on ingredients and wood

Where I grew up in the US, pizza is characterized by the quality of the ingredients and the size of the pizza. Our L size pizza is 40cm in diameter and the medium size is 28cm. We have an excellent selection of great pizzas, including BBQ Chicken, Seasonal Vegetables, as well as Classic Pepperoni. Our Vegan Piazzas have come a long way. And we now consider our Vegan Pizzas to be the best in Tokyo. Our wood-fired oven reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature needed to create a perfect crust.



It's like a local American restaurant!

This store was built with the image of the 1980’s in America in mind. When you come through the door, you'll feel like you're in northern California. I'm American, but our staff are from all over the world. And we have beautiful employees from England, Germany, France, Brazil and many other countries. English is the basic language in the store, but most the staff speak Japanese as well.


Two Dogs Taproomでは、いち早く暗号資産による決済を導入致しました。過去においてはビットコインのATMも設置したことがあります。嬉しいことにこのお店で暗号資産の様々なカンファレンスが行われてきました。

We’re very lucky to have a great group of international customers and Event Groups, who have made Two Dogs their home away from home. Our business wouldn’t be the same without them, so I’d like to take time now to mention a few groups in particular…

Crypto Currency:  Technological advancements have made the world a global village, where transactions can take place from anybody, anywhere. Business in the 21st century is becoming increasingly fascinating with the continued emergence of e-commerce platforms. The best for us so far is Crypto Currency. BTC and BCH coins have been awesome additions to Two Dogs payment platforms, and the people supporting Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash have done some truly amazing events at our shop.



私たちは様々な交流の場としてTwo Dogs Taproomを運営してきました。そしてヴィーガンの皆様と出会いました。私たちはその共存を模索しています。みんなが楽しく食事をできること。自分のライフスタイルに合わせていられること、様々な意見を尊重しあえることが私たちのお店の着地点です。

 “Living kind is a lifestyle”.  
We at Two Dogs absolutely love the idea of group of people, championing as a defender of animal rights. The Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group has been an amazing supporter of Two Dogs over the years. Just a complete group of some of the best people we've ever met. We have learned a lot from the Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group about animal suffering and what we can do to help. Thanks very much.






A big thank you for taking the time to consider helping us, in a time when so many people are in need. If you are able to help us with a donation, please check out our rewards. We’ve included some nice gift certificates, which everyone can use, in case you aren’t a t-shirt & hat wearer type.

With your help, we’ll be able to boost our business with cash flow, to help us get back on our feet. And you, our generous guests, will be able to get some great deals on various original branded items and awesome deals on food & drinks.




How the funds will be used:

・We’ll be using the money for our fixed expenses. Our landlord is not in a position to offer us any rent discounts, so our expense burdens have remained high throughout the Pandemic.

・CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding settlement payments: All reward shipping fees are paid by us, within Japan.

・This project will be implemented in the all-in method. If we do not hit out target, all funds will be returned.


If you are unable to help with a financial donation, any kind of social media sharing of our Crowdfunding event, would be another great way to help us.

We are currently open every day, and waiting to serve you guys. And we intend to keep our spaced seating and strict guidelines for prevention of Covid-19 spreading. So please feel free to come down and enjoy some cold beers and great food. Thank you from all of us here at Two Dogs Taproom!




Two Dogs Taproomのスタッフ一同


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