NPO Fukuoka-Uganda Friendship Association (FUUFA) is an organization aiming at boosting friendship and seeking for the continuous development between Japan and Uganda.

We donate wells to Ugandans every year who cannot have access to safe water. However due to Covid-19, we have been struggling with raising funds and we are determined to try crowdfunding this year.

解決したい社会課題(Social issue we try to settle)

ウガンダでは安全な飲み水にアクセスできる人は人口のたった7%(2017,世界銀行より引用)しかいません。世界では全人口の70%(2017,世界銀行より引用)が安全な飲み水にアクセスできており日本においては約98.5%(2017,世界銀行より引用) の人がアクセスできている状態を考えるとこの状況がいかに深刻が分かっていただけるかと思います。

Are you familiar with a goal "No.6 : Clean water and Sanitation" among one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)? Only 7% (2017,Cited from the World Bank) of the Ugandan population can have access to safe water. About 70% (2017,Cited from the World Bank) of the population can access the world and about 98.5% (2017,Cited from the World Bank) can get safe water. Given the above mentioned figure, you can easily understand how serious the present status of water in Uganda is.
世界銀行のデータベースから作成(Cited from the World Bank Database)


Aiming to provide safe water to Ugandans, FUUFA has already donated 18 wells for ten years since its establishment. We conduct events in Kyushu and collect funds every year. However Covid-19 prevents us from doing that, which drastically reduces the funds. Therefore we cannot donate any well at all this year, Regrettably there are not enough wells in Uganda and many regions in Uganda send out an S-O-S. We really appreciate your cooperation and donation for constructing wells Uganda.
World Bank. "People using safely managed drinking water services (% of population)." The World Bank Group,2017,https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SH.H2O.SMDW.ZS,Accessed November 26th, 2020.
World Bank. "People using at least basic drinking water services, rural (% of rural population)." The World Bank Group,2017,https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SH.H2O.BASW.RU.ZS,Accessed November 26th, 2020.

このプロジェクトで実現したいこと(What we want to realize through this project)

ウガンダの西部ワキソ地区ナマユンバ の地域の方から安全な水にアクセスできていないとSOSが来ており、 今回クラウドファンディングを通していただいた支援金で井戸を建設する予定です。
井戸建設によってナマユンバ の 皆さんが安全な水にアクセスできるようになったらこのプロジェクトは成功だと考えています。ナマユンバの皆さんが井戸が完成したところを見て喜んでいただければ嬉しいなと思います。

From people in Namayumba, West Wakiso, we received an S-O-S that they cannot have access to safe water. We are planning to donate a well to them by taking advantage of the relief funds through the crowdfunding. We regard this project as successful when the donation of the well enables everyone in Namayumba to have access to safe water. We will be greatly honoured to see people in Namayumba pleased with the completion of a well.
The projected place for the well donation this time Wakiso, Namayumba
井戸がない地域での水汲みの様子 The fetch water like this in a region where there is no well

ワキソ地区ナマユンバの皆さん people in Namayumba, Wakiso

代表メッセージ(Message from FUUFA's representative)


The absence of reliable supply of safe water in many Ugandan rural areas is one of the major problems that characterize life there. Water reservoirs are often located far away from homes, so people have to walk long distances of 2-4 kilometers to collect water in containers. This is a hard and time consuming chore and in many cases the water is not adequately sanitary often causing disease outbreaks.
At the beginning ,we weren’t sure whether we would reach this milestone, but it’s all about passion for making a difference in people’s lives especially the children who are most vulnerable. We have received overwhelming support from lot’s of people in Fukuoka that has made it possible to do all those projects successfully.
The strong desire to help those in need help themselves and others, is the force that drives us in any activity we undertake to move a step closer towards our goals. Boreholes have made a great difference in the lives of the beneficiaries and are extremely grateful to everyone involved in this project.

応援メッセージ(Messages of Support)

船橋 力様
(トビタテ!留学JAPANプロジェクトディレクター / Asian Leaders Connecting Hub・CEO / 世界経済フォーラム ヤンググローバルリーダー)











資金の使い道(The way we spend the funds)


we spend your donation for well construction, commission fee and the cost of returns.
【In detail】
the cost of the well construction : about \800,000
commission fee and others (including the cost of returns, etc.) : about \200,000


2020年12月1日 クラウドファンディング開始
2021年 1月30日 クラウドファンディング 終了
2021年 4月頃 井戸建設開始~完了
2021年 5月中旬以降 リターン発送


The project will be carried out according to the schedule as follows.
on December 1st, 2020      Crowdfunding starts
on January 29th, 2021       Crowdfunding ends
on April, 2021    well construction starts
in the middle of May, 2021         the returns are shipped

<Collection style : All-or-Nothing>
The project is carried out in all-or-nothing style. If the target amount is not reached, the plan will not be executed and the return will not be delivered.


We are ready for the returns as follows to those who cooperate with well constructions as a token of our gratitude.
(1)名前刻印(Name carving)
 We carve your name on a sign board of a well.
 ※The pictures are images.

(2)オリジナルTシャツ(Original T-shirts)
 FUUFA's original T-shirts
(3)オンライン報告会へのご招待(Invitation to the online report conference) 
 We invite you to the online report conference after well construction.
(4)ポストカード(Post card)
 We send you an Ugandan post card. ※The pictures are images.

(5)お礼メール 全額井戸建設に充てさせていただきます。
 Thank-you mail saying we spend all your donation for well construction.
 We send a thank-you mail from the bottom of our hearts.
(6)コースター ←New!

最後に(Last but not least)

The Japanese feel the importance of water only in disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods and so on. They take it for granted that they can get safe water 24/7. There are many nations where they cannot get clean water. Uganda is one of them. Having access to safe water saves a lot of lives. We really need your support as the same global citizens for the Ugandans who cannot have access to safe water.

チーム/団体/自己紹介・活動実績など(Association profile)

<正式名称:Formal Name>
 福岡ウガンダ友好協会:Fukuoka-Uganda Friendship Association(FUUFA)
 Through cultural exchange, education, shared information between Japan and
 Uganda and other related nations, this association was founded, aiming to boost
 mutual friendship relations and continuous development by tackling various activities.
<会員数: The number of member>
 53(6 organizations)
 in May, 2009
<代表者:The representative>
チェユネ リヴィングストン
ウガンダ共和国 ムベンデ出身。ウガンダのマケレレ大学卒業後、学校教育関係のNGOで働く。日本へも仕事で訪れる機会があり、そこで日本人の素敵な女性と出逢い、1992年に結婚。2000年に日本へ移り住むことになり、 現在は英会話教室の傍ら、日本とウガンダの友好関係を促進し、世界的に文化的に輪を広げることをモットーにFUUFAの活動に励んでいる。
Keyune Livingstone
He is from Mubende, the Republic of Uganda. After graduating from Makerere University in Uganda, he worked for NGO related to school education. He had opportunities to visit Japan, got acquainted with a Japanese woman and got married in 1992. He moved to Japan in 2000 and began to run an English conversation class thereafter. At the same time, he has been boosting the good relationship between Japan and Uganda. His motto is to expand culture globally through the activities of FUUFA.

<クラウドファンディング担当者:The person in charge of the crowdfunding>
内尾 晶子
FUUFA理事。熊本高校、九州大学卒業。大学1年次JICA国際協力レポーター2012でウガンダ渡航。大学4年次トビタテ留学JAPAN1期生としてNGO ASHINAGA UGANDAにて2か月間ボランティア活動を経験。2020年3月FUUFAに入会し、理事就任。FUUFAの活動を通し、ウガンダの子ども達が安心して暮らし、安心して帰る場所を提供したいと考えている。
Akiko Uchio
A director of FUUFA. After graduating from Kumamoto High School and Kyushu University, she wen to Uganda as a member of JICA International Cooperation Reporter 2012 when she was a freshman. She spent two months on volunteer activities at NGO ASHINAGA UGANDA as a first term student of TOBITATE study-abroad JAPAN when she was a senior. She joined FUUFA in March, 2020 and became a director. She hopes that she helps to provide places where Ugandan children can live peacefully.


 FUUFA donated 18 wells from 2009 to 2019.

FUUFA donated the eighteenth well to Nyabulinko Village in Kyegegva district

FUUFA was invited to the ceremony of commemoration of Independence of Uganda and relations-establishment 52th anniversary and awarded a certificate of merit by Ugandan embassy.

Picture is at the ceremoney of Independence of Uganda and the relation-establishment 52th anniversary

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