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  • 現在地:大阪府
  • 出身地:茨城県

大阪中津にて養生のための衣食(茜染め、麻褌、味噌、鉄火味噌など)を自給する冨貴工房を営む。ソニーミュージック~専門学校講師を経て、各地でワークショップを続けている。ワークショップのテーマは暦、養生、手仕事など。疎開保養プロジェクト「海旅Camp」共同代表。「21st Century Ship 海旅団」代表代行。『原発事故子ども・被災者支援法』を活かす市民ネットワーク代表。著書『わたしにつながるいのちのために』(2006年/自主出版)『春夏秋冬 土用で過ごす』(2016年/主婦と生活社・共著)『冨貴電報』(2017年夏至から毎月刊行 / 冨貴電報舎)など

・Takafumi Tomita 

peace and environmental activist, author, and practitioner of Japanese traditional handicrafts, healing and care, fermentation, and calendar. While based in Osaka, Japan, he has travelled all over Japan holding many workshops and events to share his knowledge and passion on topics including natural and plant dyeing, miso making, relationship of our body and mind, and alternative calendars (lunar calendar and 13moon calendar). He practices and shares plant dyeing, miso making and other traditional handicrafts as his core embodiment of peace activism to empower community and build local resilience.


531-0071 大阪府大阪市北区中津3-17-12
(阪急「中津」駅から徒歩3分 / 地下鉄御堂筋線「中津」駅から徒歩10分)
06-6372-7281 / 080-6947-2491(冨田)

Osaka Nakatsu where old-fashioned townscapes remain.
Around Atelier Fukikobo , the scent of Old life styles remained remarkably, nostalgia and taste are oozing.
Cherish the "creative living" that is the source of joy for people to live as human, touch directly in the palm of the gifts that support our lives.
With creating new gift, we are with appreciation for amazing grace , and we are staring at the future life.
We do miso making, umeboshi, Iron flame miso(tekkamiso), brown rice charcoal,Hemp Fundoshi,marche,media to convey those values , Community bank,soybean cultivation club.