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  • 在住国:日本
  • 現在地:福島県
  • 出身国:ルーマニア

Hey there, my name is Cyan Wang, I am from Germany, I am operating at Hiking Laser screed, we are a professional producer of concrete machinery. Our main products are laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, ride on power trowel and roller screed, please contact us if you need these items.<br> As a Civil Engineering (Roadway and Bridge) graduate, I like the Civil Engineering occupation and have invested a good deal of passion and energy into it. During the a number of years of research study, I have actually methodically found out professional understanding and built up rich work experience through internships. Throughout my university years, I have actually always been resourceful and positive, making terrific progress in all elements and enhancing my total quality. I have actually worked as the president of the school student union and secretary of the Youth League Committee. In the work I can be diligent, serious and responsible, thoroughly arranged, and make every effort to do the best. I have been granted "school-level exceptional trainee cadres" for often times, and I have gotten first-class scholarships for 3 successive years and was called a school-level exceptional graduate. My university life has actually cultivated my determination and persistence, enhanced my ability to face difficulties and my strength in solving them, and also cultivated my positive and enterprising frame of mind unconsciously. I actively request for advancement, enjoy the cumulative, always keep the development of my thoughts, take note of the times, and never forget my comprehensive quality. The civil engineering building market is a tough occupation, but it is my profession to strive to, healthy, dynamic, love to laugh, with the most sincere enthusiasm to treat every thing in the work. I will be more open-minded in my future work to find out, keep enhancing, and strive to be a certified civil engineering technician. I have actually been actively taking part in a range of expert practice chances, the fundamental understanding of housing construction and style of some basic knowledge and built up a lot of field experience. In my extra time, I excel in AutoCAD, Photoshop illustration, Firework software application, competent in geological survey software such as Risheng, and competent in office software through self-study. I am familiar with Windows 7 os and Office, Web fundamental operation. A series of organizational work has actually allowed me to collect valuable social work experience, so that I have found out to believe, discover to behave, discover how to deal with others, exercise the organizational skills and communication and coordination abilities, and cultivate the concept of hard-working, willing to commit, care about the cumulative, pragmatic and progressive!