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What is paylater ussd code? *1303# is the paylater ussd code But telling people that *1303# is the paylater ussd code don't have any meaning, because it's just 3 digit numbers added *and# so that is why I am here to help you understand what paylater ussd code is but first of all, we need to know what ussd code is incase if you get in contact with ussd code again What is ussd code? ussd code is a short dialing code you can dial on your mobile device when ever you want to operate on the company in which you have account with, but kindly know that not all the online banks or companies have ussd, so you have to ensure you make your research making sure they have a ussd code before dialing, because some code when dial might lead to your network provider malfunctioning or subcharging issue will be accumulated, with this little explanation we are good to go, now let's find out what paylater ussd code is and how to make use it on your mobile device What is paylater ussd? paylater ussd is a short digit ussd code (*1303#) provided by paylater Microfinance bank in other to help their customers and those using paylater bank run transactions without logging in on their mobile banking app or turning on their data of any kind, this ussd can be used to (1) open an account (2) transfer money from paylater account to another bank account (3) recharge your mobile number or even gift recharge card to your friends and family, note this can take place on any network (4) knowing your account balance (5) knowing your account details But this code cannot be used to close your paylater account and note that paylater ussd is highly secure, no body can use it to send out your money without your consent, unless you give up or you give out your transfer pin to the person, so mind you don't put blame on paylater if you keep or give out your paylater transfer pin carefree to anyone that pleases you. now let's go on with finding out more about this ussd code of paylater and how to use the ussd code on your mobile device How to use the *1303# of paylater ussd code on your mobile device without logging in on any paylater platform or mobile banking app all you have to do is to dial the *1303# for paylater transactions operations, then there will be a pop up on your screen telling you to open account if you don't have account as number (1) option then then you will see some other options both whether you want to send out money or recharge your sim or gift out recharge to anyone that pleases you, but before you jump into rejoice of finding out about paylater ussd code know that before the money will be sent or before the recharge card will be sent, if you were following you will remember when I said that your consent is needed which brought you in dialing your 4 digit transfer pin at last before the money will be sent, so kind know you must not give out or loose your transfer pin to anyone to avoid theft of any kind What happens if I find out I lost my paylater transfer pin and Sim card connected to it? Please make sure you listen up carefully here because so many of paylater customers have been complaining about this issue of loosing their transfer pin or they got encountered with something making them loose access to their paylater account, so I want to make it clear to you, dear don't loose hope paylater got you covered, don't loose hope, once the person who get hold of your paylater transfer pin haven't transferred your money to another bank account that why you should listen carefully to know what to do once you find out that your code is no where to found, or you notice any transaction on your account which you did not perform, don't waste time, don't loose hope, don't cry, go to paylater customer service all you have to do is search the name paylater on any of the popular social media you are using, but if you are not using social ask for a help from people using social media, tell them to get the paylater Microfinance mobile number for you, then when you get to their customer service once on call or chatting tell about your incident issue they will advise of what to do, and please don't hide anything from them because you are safe with them, within minutes you will be requested to change your transfer pin, then you are good to go again. Conclusion paylater will never take your money from your account with them And paylater ussd code is better than mobile app banking don't you think? Because every thing is free of charge Post credit :Michael