2019/09/13 21:06

I'm very excited to announce my crowdfunding campaign for the first Japan flair bartending competition in Toyama.

Toyama Flair Sunshine - The very first event in Toyama that people from all over Japan can join and compete in every format, will be held on October 20th.

It has been my dream to hold this event in my hometown of Toyama.

My life has been completely changed by this job as a flair bartender. This is not an exaggeration, I just haven’t been able to do anything since I was a child. I had one of the worst grades in school but a person like me now has the experience of winning a flair bartending competition, organizing various successful events and becoming independent and running my own bar. Flair bartending is everything in my life.

I would like more people to know how great flair bartending is and how exciting this event will be. This will not be my personal event, WE together will make this happen. So I need your support!

Once we reach the goal, the extra money will be used to support competitors’ travel expenses. And if there is still extra, it will be donated to charity.

Please check my profile to see the details.

Thank you in advance for your support.