Hello!! We are college students of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. We are all from different countries, Guatemala, Japan, Nepal, Bulgaria, and Malaysia. We are carrying out a project to provide clean water to Guatemala and actually going there in spring 2019.






The purpose of our project is to go to Chiquimula, Guatemala and provide sustainable clean water supplies to the communities there by setting up water filtration devices in selected locations.

We will also be conducting seminars for the locals of Chiquimula to spread awareness of values and ideas that are necessary for societies to function and grow in a healthy manner.

We aim to improve the livelihood and health conditions of the people in Chiquimula by

providing these water filtration devices and educating them on the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability.

We also hope to encourage mutual cooperation by the people of Chiquimula for the improvement and development of their communities, by strengthening bonds between residents of different communities in Guatemala. We wish to inspire the people of Chiquimula to come together and collectively tackle issues in their communities.







#Guatemala GO! LIFE through H2O GO!

Most people in developed regions are generally aware of common illnesses and symptoms associated with them, since they are likely have access to medical services. However, in many communities and regions around the world, diseases that would be a cause for major concern in our own communities are considered to be part and parcel of the lives of people there.

I was born in Guatemala, a country located in Central America. Since when I was a child, thanks to my mother and my relatives, I had the chance to learn how hard it is to make a living and how there are people who are struggling just to get by in everyday affairs. My mother, a university-educated social worker, used to take me with her whenever she needed to conduct socio-economic studies at various communities. During those times, I met several people who were retired but were still working since there were no pension or welfare programs, on top of having to deal with illnesses they were suffering from. Thanks to all these visits, I was made aware of several unfavorable situations such as poverty, lack of quality education, malnutrition and water problems at a young age. Being born and raised in a place where these problems occur on a daily basis made me realize that a cooperative effort between people from outside and within the community needs to occur for the improvement of the wellbeing of all parties involved. Several communities in Guatemala suffer because of lack of cooperation and organization between locals so it is quite difficult to tackle big issues such as poverty, poor living conditions, health problems, etc.

At the Chiquimula department in the eastern region of Guatemala, there is a community called Hacienda El Santo which is coming together little by little. Both locals and outsiders have come a big decision, which is to collectively tackle a problem which could be the root for many others, that is by improving water quality through raising awareness, mutual cooperation and a proposal for the solution for poor water quality. The idea to support Chiquimula arose from this point,  and after sharing the possibility of conducting an educational project in Guatemala with my partners, they decided to support me without hesitation, agreeing to work shoulder to shoulder for the improvement of water and life in Hacienda El Santo, Chiquimula, Guatemala.

Are you willing to take part of the boat?
#Guatemala GO! LIFE through H2O GO 


1. University project competition

Earlier this year, our team participated in a presentation competition in our university, where we showcased our project alongside many other independent student-led projects, with the goal of obtaining financial support from the university. After a series of written applications and presentations, we successfully received support from the university in the form of funding for our project. While we are still relying on this crowdfunding effort to cover the majority of our project expenses, the funds we will be receiving from the university will be immensely helpful in ensuring that our project runs smoothly. More importantly, by showing that the university trusts us in making a major change in the lives of others for the better with its funds, it provides our team a great deal of motivation to continue doing our best to make this project a success.

1. 大学内プロジェクト選考コンテスト


2. Visit to Beppu City Asami Water Treatment Plant

Earlier this spring, our team applied for a project support program offered by our university. After a selection process that involved document screening and a presentation, our project was selected to receive support from the university in the form of financial subsidies. This support goes a long way in allowing us to organise and execute our project smoothly. The fact that the university believes in our efforts to improve the lives of others gives our team the motivation we need to make this project a success. However, we still have to find other sources of funding to cover the majority of the expenses for this project, and so we hope that this crowdfunding effort will provide the rest of the financial support we need for this project.

2. 別府市朝見浄水場見学


3. Visit to Chiquimula

Our team visited Chiquimula in September to study the implementation area of our project, and to also establish connections with the various individuals and groups we will be working with, including the mayor of Chiquimula, a health center in Chiquimula, Consejos Comunitarios de Desarrollo Urbano y Rural (COCODE), retired teachers from Chiquimula, as well as several schools in Hacienda El Santo. We had various exchange sessions with the locals of Chiquimula, during which we introduced our project to the members of the communities. We also took that opportunity to meet with the leaders and representatives of the organisations we met, to organise the scheduling and logistics regarding the distribution of the water filters and our next visit to Chiquimula.

We additionally ran some preliminary tests on the natural water sources located within Chiquimula to develop a better understanding of the condition of the water sources there.

Several of the water sources we tested have dissolved oxygen (DO) levels which do not meet the minimum DO levels for safe consumption. Furthermore, some water sources have also tested positive for harmful bacteria such as coliform. These water sources serve as main supplies to the communities of Chiquimula, and so the water quality of these sources have a huge impact on the health of the residents there. Our test results were supported by certifying documents from the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.

3. チキムラ見学

私たちのチームは9月に、私たちのプロジェクト実施エリアを調査するため、さらにはチキムラ市長、チキムラの保健所、Consejos Comunitarios de Desarrollo Urbano y Rural (COCODE)、チキムラの引退された先生方、Hacienda El Santoにあるいくつかの学校等、私たちとともにプロジェクトに携わってくれる人々との関係構築のために、チキムラを訪ねた。私たちはチキムラの地域の方々との様々な交流会を開き、そこで私たちのプロジェクトについてコミュニティの人たちに説明しました。さらに、スケジュール、水の濾過フィルターの配布に関する輸送、次のチキムラ訪問について決めるために、組織のリーダーや代表にお会いすることもできました。





4. Charity Event

私たちは資金集めのために、チャリティーイベントを3回行いました。1回目は、大分駅前で開催された"Global Station"というイベントにて、屋台を開きました。そこでは、シュコスと呼ばれるグアテマラ式ホットドックと、グアテマラコーヒー、そしてグアテマラの小物を販売しました。2回目は、大学のカフェテリアにブースを開き、1週間に渡って、モレと呼ばれるグアテマラ式チョコバナナと、グアテマラコーヒー、さらにグアテマラの小物を販売しました。ブースに、グアテマラの現地の写真や私たちのプロジェクトの説明を展示することで、資金集めと同時に、私たちのプロジェクトを知って頂くことができました。3回目は、APカンファレンスというイベントが大学で開催されたタイミングで、カフェテリアにて再び、グアテマラコーヒーとグアテマラの小物を販売しました。APU外の方にも私たちのプロジェクトを知って頂く良い機会となりました。

We had organised three charity events for fund raising. The first charity event was at an event at Oita Station called "Global Station", during which we opened a food stall. We sold shucos (Guatemalan hot dogs), Guatemalan coffee, and handmade goods from Guatemala. For the second charity event, we opened a booth in our university cafeteria for a week, and we sold mole (a Guatemalan banana chocolate dessert), as well as Guatemalan coffee and handmade Guatemalan goods. We also placed pictures of Guatemala and information about our project in the booth, and we took that opportunity to promote our project to people on campus. Our third charity event was held during a conference in our university called AP Conference. We had once again sold Guatemalan coffee and handmade goods at a booth in the cafeteria. It turned out to be a great opportunity for us to promote our project to students and researchers from outside of APU.


2/25(Mon)日本出発/ Departure from Japan


- エコフィルター工場見学/ Ecofiltro factory visit

- コミュニティ訪問/ Community visit

- エコフィルター設置/ Ecofiltro Distribution

- ワークショップ&トレーニング/ Workshop and Training

3/7(Thurs) 日本帰国


(大腸菌除去対応)エコフィルター購入費:50個 / 50 eco-filters (to remove E. Coli): 一個につき約5000円


交通費 / Transportation expenses:(一人当たり最安値およそ)150000円 × 5(人)

その他/ Others(プリント代 / Printing fees・宿泊代 / Accommodation expenses・食事代 / Food expenses・保険料 / Insurance・Wifiルーター / WiFi routers・エコフィルターの送料 / Shipping fees of ecofilters・リターンの商品代 / Funding return items)




- 2000円 お礼状、ミサンガ/ Thank you letter, bracelet

- 5000円 お礼状、コイン入れ、ミサンガセット/Thank you letter, coin purse, bracelet

- 10,000円 お礼状、報告レポート(簡易版) 、グアテマラコーヒー1袋+コーヒーバッグ、グアテマラの写真セット/ Thank you letter, simple report of activities, one bag of Guatemalan coffee, set of photos from Guatemala

- 50,000円 スペイン語・英語授業(オンライン授業1h×5レッスン)、お礼状 /Spanish・English lessons(5 online classes/1h for each), Thank you letter 

- 100,000円 スペイン語・英語授業(オンライン授業1h×10レッスン)、お礼状 /Spanish・English lessons(10 online classes/1h for each), Thank you letter 

- 100,000円 手書きお礼状、グアテマラコーヒー1袋+コーヒーバッグ、グアテマラの写真セット、現地ビデオ、報告レポート(詳細版)/ handwritten thank you letter, the detail report of activities, one bag of Guatemalan coffee, set of photos from Guatemala, video from Guatemala




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     この度は、グアテマラ(Hacienda El Santo, Chiquimula県)へ綺麗な飲料水を届け、意識改革をする「みなぎプロジェクト」にご協力賜り、誠にありがとうございました。皆様のおかげで、プロジェクトの実施段階は円滑に行われ、無事にプロジェクトを成功させることができました。 この...