理工系学生を中心とした、「科学技術 x MITリーダーシップ理論」というコンセプトの国際フォーラム開催における運営資金の支援をお願いしております。企業訪問による予算の確保に限界があり、クラウドファンディングを企画いたします。

Focusing mainly on science and engineering students, we will conduct an international program based on ‘Science and Technology x MIT Leadership theory’. To conduct this program, we need your help. Therefore, we decide to start a crowd funding

----- 目次 -----

1. 代表挨拶

2. STeLAの意義とこれまでの活動(団体紹介)

3. STeLA Leadership Forum 2019 開催概要

4. なぜドバイで開催するのか?

5. なぜクラウドファンディング?

6. 資金の用途

7. リターンのご紹介

8. おわりに


1. Message from the President

2. What is STeLA and activities till today

3. STeLA Leadership Forum 2019 Summary

4. Why in Dubai?

5. Why crowdfunding?

6. Allocation of funds

7. What do we offer you?

8. Conclusion


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Hello. I’m Tamaki Kikuchi, the representative of STeLA Japan.

In 2006, Japanese international students studying in MIT came up with an idea of STeLA. With their idea as a base, and support of people from all around the world, we celebrate 13 years of STeLA.

During the summer forum, for 10 days, students learn and implement philosophy from ‘Science and Technology x MIT Leadership Theory’.

This year, we are planning to organize internal pre-forum in addition to our usual activities. For 12 years, we have included basic elements like know-how as well as communication skill. In coming days, we are doing our best to make it more practical and effective.

In Japan branch, five of us (including me) were member of summer forum 2018. In other regional branch, there are ample cases were participants of 2018 have become staffs for 2019. In other words, participants undergo activities that are almost once a lifetime experience.

In this proposal, we have included all necessary information about the summer forum 2019. We request you to go through it and support us to make it successful.

There are more than 600 alumni of STeLA. Although they work in various field, every one of them have been excelling in their respecting field. For an example, within Japan branch, we have people working for CERN, World Bank and list continues. In addition, after attending STeLA, students have been accepted to prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and MIT, where they pursue advanced science.

We, members of STeLA, are trying to provide a platform where students from all around the world can meet, discuss and solve current issues. STeLA is all about developing leadership skill in students and build an international network among them.

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STeLA was created by Japanese students who were studying in MIT during 2006. They had an aim to contribute to the international community that we live in. For this purpose, they believed that a leader must not only be good in academics, but also have skills such as leadership. In order to gather students from all around the world and to build an international network among them, they established 10 days summer forum. This year, we mark the 13th year of conducting the forum. Based on the experience, we are aiming to produce a leader who can have an impact in the international community.


2007年より、STeLA Leadership Forumを毎年8月に開催しています。


From 2007, STeLA Leadership Forum has been conducted during August.

We have conducted STeLA in Tokyo (2007, 2009, 2012, 2018), Boston (2008), Beijing (2010, 2015), Stanford (2011, 2014), Netherlands (2013, 2017) and Okinawa (2016). All together, we have conducted the forum in 12 different times in 4 different countries. Every year, we set a theme that is suitable from that specific period and place. Students will gather and learn leadership theories based on those themes.

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STeLA Leadership Forumは、科学技術に強い興味を持つすべての学生を世界中から招待します。朝から晩まで、ワークショップをはじめとする様々なプログラムを10日間に渡り体験する合宿形式の国際フォーラムです。特に、目まぐるしく進歩していくテクノロジー社会で活躍するためには志を同じくする他国・他分野の学生との出会いが不可欠です。彼らの様々な知識が混ざり合うことで「化学反応」が生まれます。そしてこの化学反応こそが、日本を含む国際社会にインパクトを与えるリーダー育成に重要な要素です。

In STeLA Leadership Forum, we invite students from all around the world who are interested in science and technology, irrespective of their field. The forum begins with some workshop classes, and for 10 days, students will experience camping style international forum. In this current era of technology, in order to be successful, building a network of students from different countries is essential. As an individual, they might be full of errors and mistakes, however, in a team, they support each other and overcome a problem that they believed to be impossible - and this is what we provide during the forum.



For students (both undergraduates and graduate students) will not just learn about science and technology, but also ways to implement those learning on science and technology to solve current problems that our societies face. We believe that this forum will act as a spark for their journey in changing the world. Moreover, the forum is not just a place for entertainment. The forum will help students reach their optimum by motivating them, inspiring them and teaching them the importance of building a network of students who are equally motivated in developing solutions.


1. リーダーシップ・セッション (Leadership Session)

2. 分科会(Thematic Session)

3. グループ・プロジェクト (Group Project)

Our forum is divided into 3 sections

1. Leadership session

2. Thematic session

3. Group Project




Leadership session: Teach theories and concept taken from the MIT leadership theories 

Thematic session: A group work where one has to implement the knowledge

Group Project: Creating a project to solve a problem based on the theme

In the forum, students not only learn about leadership but also learn about how they can implement those leadership skills in their real life. To achieve this, we have developed practical session where students can develop their leadership skills. Staffs from all around the world try their best to optimize the learning and to create a collective learning environment not just during but before and after the forum as well. To provide them better content, we usually invite professors, CEO or other expertise from a specific field and request them to provide a speech based on the theme. Participants have been saying that the content is impressive and at the end of the day, they learn something out of it.

The uniqueness of the forum does not end here. Every day, we have a reflection session, where students gather in their own group and discuss how their day went. Students share both positive and negative events of the day. This specific section is necessary for students to understand the importance of team members and how they can be a part of it. For staffs, this is the best moment to understand participants and support accordingly.

For 2019, the theme of the forum is “Energy and Sustainability”


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2019年のフォーラムは、アラブ首長国連邦(UAE)のMohhamed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences(MBRU)で行われます。



2019 Forum will be held in UAE: Mohhamed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU).

UAE is one of the world's leading oil and natural gas producers and has always been regarded as a major country in the energy field discussion. Nowadays, discussions are held on topics such as energy shifts and green energy.

In addition, the Dubai International Expo is scheduled to held in 2020, where expertise from all around the world would gather and discuss about the current issue regarding energy and sustainability. Therefore, on behalf of STeLA, we think that Dubai is the venue where we should hold our 10 days summer forum.

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Our main priority during the forum is to develop students capable enough to create an improvement in the future. To do this, we need to create opportunities for students where they can input their innovation into act. However, every year, we face financial issues. We have been directly contacting offices, but the financial support is not adequate. With the help of crowdfunding, anyone from any part of the world can support our program. If we can secure enough fund in earlier stages, our staffs can focus on creating much better content and invest more time in developing better ideas for the summer forum. Your help is really appreciated.

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We promise to utilize the money gathered through crowdfunding in support students, making the forum better and providing opportunities for more students. Before the forum begins, we will use the money to make pamphlet as well as brochure for participants. During the 10 days forum, the money will be used for meals, accommodation, transportation and other basic, but essential materials for participants. For this year, since the forum is held in Dubai, participants need additional money than usual (plane fee + program fee). Because of this, we are fearing that there can be instances where students might not be able attend the forum. As staffs, we want to support them fully from our sides. For better opportunities and high participation rate, we have been trying our best to improve the content of the forum as well as provide financial support for students.

This project is conducted in All-In method. Even if the funding is not secured, the forum will take place.

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Depending on the amount of donation, we provide various returns. Thank you card, video message, T-shirt that will be used during forum, invitation to some sessions during the forum are some examples of the return we provide.

For better information, please have a look at the table below.



STeLA will never stop to produce leaders on science and technology who will solve current global problems of international community. In this globalizing world, one might not be able to create the spark for a change, however, that’s the reason why we not just help them learn about science and technology with leadership skills, but also help them build a network of international community full of students who are equally motivated as them. In addition, we believe that students must be able to accept others’ opinion, see the problem from different perspective and then only come to a conclusion, rather than judging it black and white. To develop a leader capable enough to guide us to the path of better future, we request to support us with our crowdfunding campaign.