はじめに・ご挨拶 Introduction / Greetings



Nice to meet you!  We are the FALAFEL BROTHERS!

Our shops are based on the concept of VEGAN and we don’t use animal ingredients at all, currently operating at: Roppongi, Ebisu and Shibuya Parco.

Since the beginning, we have many loyal customers and fans, not just VEGANS and VEGETARIAN. but also mainstream foodies.

Our main product is the: Falafel! a croquette made of chickpeas, usually insidee a pita bread sandwich, imported directly from Israel, and stuffed with lots of vegetables and cool topping to your choice. It's not only healthy, it's popular for its volume, satisfaction and solid taste.

But, we hope it will give you an idea of how meaningful the vegan option is to the environment and animals.

商品・お店が作られた背景 Background of products and shops


We aim to make the BEST vegan burger in town!

To create the new Falafel Brothers burger, we will not be using the finest meat...we’ll make it ALL VEGAN, which uses no animal ingredients.

We want to make our burgers in style, super deliciouss product that is also super healthy, satisfying the stomach and heart even though the taste and texture are the same as meat.

We are currently prototyping three types: 

Meat burger that exceeds meat but not meat,

Chicken cutlet burger that is not chicken, 


Falafel burger that uses falafel.

Everything is made with great care.




リターンのご紹介 Return options

・FALAFEL BROTHERS チケット&割引券 Ticket & discount tickets

・NEW バーガーローンチパーティーへの参加 New vegan burger launch party

・3種類のバーガーが味わえるチケット Triple burger ticket

・FALAFEL BROTHERS vegan T-shirts & Hat

・Craft beer 飲み放題 Craft beer all you can drink

資金の使い道・スケジュール Usage and schedule of funds


・運転資金 ・ビーガンバーガーの開発費用 ・パーティ準備費用


We will use your support and funds very carefully.

・ Operating funds.・Vegan burger development costs.・Party preparation costs.

We plan to hold a launch party when things calm down and 
everyone can gather with peace of mind!

最後に Finally




After all, we are greatly affected by the current situation, but even if we all say it's tough, the situation doesn't change. So! we thought we could do something to look forward and make the after-corona more enjoyable and participated in crowdfunding this time. We are very grateful for you reading our poorly written and difficult-to-understand contents for the first time.

 We sincerely appreciate your warm support


東京都港区六本木5-1-10 1F / 03-6459-2844

<Roppongi store>

 5-1-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F / 03-6459-2844


東京都渋谷区広尾1-1-36 1F / 03-6427-3398

1-1-36 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F / 03-6427-3398


東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷パルコ7F / 03-5422-3188

 <Shibuya PARCO store>

 15-5 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Parco 7F / 03-5422-3188