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私達は、オーナー・プロデューサーであるRYUZO・LOST FACEを中心に【BLOODY ANGLE 宮益坂本店】・【BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong】の2店舗を渋谷にて営んでおります。

宮益坂本店は2016年12月のオープンより、多くのお客様にご愛顧いただき これまで営業をして参りました。

We have two stores in Shibuya, "BLOODY ANGLE Miyamasuzaka" and "BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong" with owner and producer RYUZO and LOST FACE at the center.

The Miyamasuzaka main store has been in operation since its opening in December 2016, and has been patronized by many customers.

◼︎ 渋谷にBLOODY ANGLE 宮益坂本店 オープン

渋谷駅の近く、スナックやパブが入るビルの4階に【BLOODY ANGLE 宮益坂本店】がオープンいたしました。


店内にあるレコードはLOST FACEのセレクトによるもので、気に入ったものはその場で購入することができます。



BLOODY ANGLE Miyamasuzaka Honten has opened on the 4th floor of a building near Shibuya Station that houses snacks and pubs.

Graphic designer and art director, YOSHIROTTEN, was in charge of the store's design prodice. It has appeared in the media as a location for filming famous brands and fashion magazines.

The records in the store are selected by LOST FACE, and if you like them, you can buy them on the spot.

The unique style of our shop has attracted customers from Japan and abroad.

It has become a place where many wonderful communication and encounters are born, from regulars who come every weekend to couples who meet and marry at our shop.


▼来日の際は、必ずといっていいほど来店をするという大人気ラッパー・A$AP ROCKY。

▼SAINT LAURENT MEN FALL 2017。動画のロケ地として使われました。

◼︎ 待望の2号店 BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong が道玄坂にオープン

2016年から4年間、皆様のお力添えにより成長させていただき、会社として わずかながら社会的信用を得ることができるようになり次の夢である2号店開店に向けて銀行から借り入れをすることができ、

2020年2月、待望の【BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong】が渋谷・道玄坂上にオープンいたしました。




In the four years since 2016, with your help, we have been able to grow and gain a small amount of social credibility as a company, and we have been able to borrow money from the bank to open our second store, which is our next dream.

The long-awaited "BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong" opened in February 2020 on Dogenzaka in Shibuya.

This is not only a bar time but also a cafe time. We aim to create a store that is familiar to a wide range of customers.

In addition to drinks such as espresso and lattes, we also serve food inspired by a pure cafe, such as ham cheese tomato sandwiches and neapolitans.

Like the main store, the store plays records selected by the staff and creates a place where you can enjoy music, drinks, and food.

◼︎ 新型コロナウィルスの影響で営業自粛中

昨今の新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大予防に伴い、3月末より【BLOODY ANGLE 宮益坂本店】は完全に営業を自粛・【BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong】は自粛を経て現在はテイクアウトとUber Eatsの承りのみの営業となっております。




4年間、BLOODY ANGLEを経営しやっと念願の2店舗目もオープンした矢先にこのような事態となり大変悔しく思っております。また、自分たちの備えが不十分であったということも重々承知致しております。


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, BLOODY ANGLE Miyamasuzaka has refrained from operating since the end of March, and BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong has refrained from operating since the end of March, and is now only accepting take-out and Uber Eats.

This is an unavoidable situation, as the safety of our customers and employees is our first priority.

However, if this situation continues, it will become difficult to pay the rent for the store, salaries for employees, daily utility bills, loans, etc., and you will be forced to close your business.

Therefore, we have decided to offer our support to you.

I've been running BLOODY ANGLE for four years, and it's been my dream to open my second store, but now this situation has happened, and I'm very disappointed. We are also aware that our own preparations were inadequate.

Although we fully understand that many people are going through the same difficult situation, we would like to ask for your support in order to continue the management and provide you with culture in the future.


 東京都 渋谷区 渋谷 1-15-16 4F

【BLOODY ANGLE dougen tong】

 東京都 渋谷区 道玄坂 2-15-1 ノア道玄坂ビル B1F

【RYUZO interview】

(出典元:「SILLY(シリー)」by サイバーエージェント)

【デザイナー・アートディレクター YOSHIROTTEN プロフィール】



・ CAMPFIREの決済手数料、リターン発送費 等

Operating funds (rent, utilities, labor, and other expenses) during the period of business restraint.

CAMPFIRE settlement fees, return shipping costs, etc.


We will use the money we receive with great care.





This project will be implemented in an all-in system.

Even if you don't meet your target amount, we will still implement the plan and deliver a return.