2020/03/03 17:31

Dear Backers,

Sorry for the long wait of this update. As you may also know, the Coronavisrus has swept across the whole country in China unpredictably. The spread of Coronavirus lead to restrictions on shipments and compulsory factory closures which impact our production and shipping progress significantly. 

But we have good news. 

Our factory in China has been back to work in late Feb and we have started shipping slowly but continously. Here is the schedules:

Therma 3.0

We have begun shipping Therma 3.0 last week and will complete all shippings in about 2 weeks and no later than end of Mar.

Via 800

Unfortunately we don't have enough stocks and the new production will only be completed next month. In this case, we will ship Via 800 in late April instead. As apologies, we will send you a pure Titanium straw together with the Via 800 as a gift.

Thanks again for your kind understanding and continuous support. Please feel free to send us an email to: info@thingyfy.com if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Ti22 Team