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現在128%/ 目標金額1,000,000円

目標金額に関わらず、2019/11/24 23:59:59までに集まった金額がファンディングされます。






参考:千葉県佐倉市「佐倉草ぶえの丘バラ園」復興を願って緊急レポート 復旧作業にあたるボランティアの皆さん


2019年10月    受付開始
11月24日     クラウドファンディング終了
12月        被災後の現状報告と今後の見通しを合わせて、リターン(1)発送
12月〜2020年4月  バラ園構造物の復旧作業とバラの冬の手入れ
2020年4月      どこまで復旧できたかのご報告として開花直前に、リターン(2)発送
5月          バラの開花を見届けて、リターン(3)発送

Save Our Rose Garden, The City of Sakura Rose Garden!

On the 9th of September, Chiba Prefecture, where the city of Sakura is located, was hit by the worst typhoon in several decades which did devastating damage to many houses and public facilities. The City of Sakura Rose Garden was no exception. Its arches, pergolas, trellis, and other garden facilities were destroyed, and roses were hurt seriously.‘Cornelia’ in the midst of tragedy

Mr. Katsuhiko Maebara, the director of the NPO Rose Culture Institute which looks after the garden, told me that it is difficult to turn to the city for the financial support for renewing the broken garden facilities, when the recovery of the public facilities is the most urgent.

This rose garden received the Rose Garden Hall of Fame from the Great Rosarians of the World in 2014, and the Award of Garden Excellence from the World Federation of Roses Societies in 2015. The garden, opened in the municipal wood, and maintained by the devoted work of rose-loving volunteers, is not just a comfortable place which attracts many visitors with its beautiful roses and elegant garden design, but is also playing an important role in preserving a collection of precious heritage roses and displaying them so visitors can obtain valuable information on roses and their history. It has been highly appreciated by many rose experts of the world.The pergola of Rosa sambucina fell down

We would be much obliged if you could give your kind donation to the garden. The donation is to be used for purchasing the materials and tools for rebuilding the garden facilities destroyed by the typhoon. We believe that, with the help of your kind donation, and by the persistent and hard work of Mr. Maebara and the volunteers, the recovery work will proceed smoothly and the garden will retrieve its charm and value in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.The City of Sakura Rose Garden in May 2019!