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【令和元年 台風19号】緊急災害支援金


現在754%/ 目標金額1,000,000円

目標金額に関わらず、2019/11/12 23:59:59までに集まった金額がファンディングされます。









(More information in English is provided below)

Japan was hit by a massive typhoon, Hagibis, on October 2019, causing great damage across the country. Due to great rainfall, many banks of rivers in Kanto and Tohoku area have collapsed, inundating the surrounding villages. As of 13th Oct 20:00, at least 21 people are reported dead, 20 are still missing and many are left injured.

In response, GoodMorning/CAMPFIRE has decided to collect donations to support the people and their livelihoods in the affected areas. The money donated will be delivered through municipal initiatives to those who were affected by the typhoon. 

We offer our deepest condolences to the victims and their families and to all those who were affected by the typhoon. 

We are grateful for all your support. 




・支援者の方のシステム利用料 220円につきましては、支援金ではなく決済等にかかる手数料の実費となります。


決済にかかる手数料(5%)および支援者の方のシステム利用料 220円については、個人寄付で全て上乗せをし、支援いただいた全額(支援総額+220円×支援者数)を、被災地に届けます。














Details of the Emergency Donation for Typhoon Hagibis 
■ How the money will be used

The money collected will be donated to municipal initiatives and will be delivered to those who were affected by the typhoon.

Currently, the extent of the damage caused by the typhoon is still not fully identified. We will inform you the details of where your money will be donated as soon as it is decided.

Fees for this project
・GoodMorning/CAMPFIRE will not take any commission for this donation other than the payment fee (5%).
・The system use fee (220 JPY) charged for each transaction is a payment charge.

We have decided to deliver the full amount donated to this project to the areas affected by the typhoon.
The payment fee (5%) and the system use fee (220 JPY) charged on donors per transaction will be covered by personal donations.
Donor: Kazuma Ieiri

■ How to donate

The minimum amount of donation accepted is 1,500 JPY.

A detailed explanation in English on how to donate can be found on the following page.
How to support projects on CAMPFIRE

■ What you will receive 

GoodMorning/CAMPFIRE will send you a thank you message and a report of how your donation has been used.

■【CAUTION!】Donation from overseas

※ Normally, GoodMorning/CAMPFIRE does not accept donations from overseas, but we are lifting the restriction exclusively for this typhoon disaster relief project.
※ However, we regret to inform you that we cannot respond to inquiries in English (or in languages other than Japanese).
※ Also, please be reminded that we do not accept any cancellations for donations from overseas.