2021/01/22 10:25

Big Buddha project

Presently, people all around the world must be anxious because of the blind virus and,uncertain economic crisis. However, the virus is not the fearest thing. What is the mostfearest thing is people crash by stress and avoid or attack familiar people. In this accumulated situation, we think about whether or not to take positive action, which everybody joins, so we would like to construct the Big Buddha for purifying all anxiety and anger because of COVID-19, praying this situation is over.

From ancient times in Japan, people constructed huge statues of Buddha for praying when epidemics, starvation, or natural disasters spread over the country. At that time, a monk who is called KANJINHIJIRI (a saint) asked people by working for money-raising. Gyoki and Kukai represent saints, they managed and made a success with a lot of public projects, not just constructing statues. We can just imagine how people felt when epidemics spread over a long time ago but, it is supposed people were concerned like present days. In this situation, a lot of people corporated and pushed on constructing the Big Buddha. A long time ago, Buddhism played the role of collecting energy by people and changing a positive way which is a kind of "Prism '' in Japan.

It has been a half year since the COVID-19 infected people appeared. By this pandemic, I have anxiously somewhere in my heart. When I saw my friends' faces on Zoom, I we pt suddenly. The time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we only stared in blank and tried to organize our feelings by self-restraint. Nowadays 9 years have passed. Has this feeling of loss already gone? On the other hand, some people have new wishes for a new custom or lifestyle because of the big social changes by COVID-19 which should have originally changed in a few years.

We don't know why but we "forget" a lot of things. Many people had just started The Big Buddha at TODAIJI was constructed for getting over epidemics and natural disease.However, by "The Big Buddha Tenpyo era" has left we can see ourselves in the past Japanese 1300 years ago.

We can access the future Japanese after 1300 years by recreating a new statue of Buddha "The Big Buddha Reiwa era". Also for future Japanese, people will access "The Big Buddha Tenpyo era" 2600 years ago to go through "The Big Buddha Reiwa era".

In other words, "The Big Buddha '' is a memorized device for Japanese. We have to leave our complex feeling to the Japanese in the future. Please help our Big Buddha Project to link the big timeline. Thank you.

About the project

Our project proceeds in two stages.

1【勧進キャラバン】  Kanjin caravan

We go all over Japan with a statue of Buddha on a caravan car. The statue of Buddha is sticked advertisement paper which is discountinue or has damaged events by COVID-19 for purifications disaster. And, we perform a Buddism memorial service for people who pass away by COVID-19.

2 【大仏造立】 Constract a Statue of Buddha

We constract a statue of Buddha as a simble getting over the COVID-19 pandemic.We will decide the statue size, figure, place after getting many opinions from people we met during Kanjin caravan.

About KANJIN Caravan

We go around Japan with a sculpture of Buddha about 1m on our caravan car. People join our event sticks advertisement paper which dameged by COVID-19 on the sculpture of Buddha and purify from something is bad. We hold a memorial service to pray for people has gone by COVID-19.

We are going to stream a live video of the memorial service on the spot we visit. In the live streaming, we hope people join our event talk in front of our camera and tell real opinions people watch the live streaming. Also, if there is space for exhivision on the event sites, we are going to hold an art exhivision.

And, we will build varaety of AR Buddha at the place we visit. This is on the web service. You can see an AR buddha using your smartphone and please tell us your opinions on where or how buddha is the best when we build our buddha at the end of the project.

*As a culster countermesure, basicaly we hold our event outside. As a infection countermesure, event staff wear mask or face sealled, people join our event on directry we take their tempature and disinfect their hands.

About constract a Big Buddha

As coming over COVID-19 pandemic, constract a Big Buddha to take over the experience. At this time, it is not a "top-down approach". Gathering power of people live in the present day for constracting, it is "botm-up approach".

We would like to decide "size, figure and place to locate" after getting opinions from people we meet on KANJIN caravan. That is why, we try agressive comunication with you using technology like SNS, live streaming and AR Buddha.

It may not be a national policy like the "Big Buddha of Nara", but we are in the process of examining several methods of construction that are only possible in this day, making full use of our "artist's" ingenuity and ideas, taking into account physical limitations and maintenance costs. The "second crowdfunding" plan will allow us to offer "options for how to build", such as "this amount of money is possible in this way".


About Us

German Suplex Airlines  http://germansuplexairline.com

"big buddha project" is managed by an artist group "German Suplex Airlines".

The group is conposed 6 artists. We think about how to spread our original expression in society and make use of the ideas, we create projects. Our one of the main activities is proceeding projects with various professional people. Also we have a like the situation, an artist in the group has artwork plans or projects. And make use of these as a base of group projects, we promote the works with collective abillities.

German Suplex is a wrestring techinique to slap a person upside down on a floor. We have a big object to turn the present standard upside down and produce new one.

Also, what is "airlines" is to raise things upside down and to own an airline company spreading it out in sociaty as capital. This is our physical goal. Thinking as art. We pursue what we can gain just to think as art.

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